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How to Multiply Waist Trainer Results Right Away

Welcome to our waist trainer guide. Our detail guide collects and reveals the best practices we found for getting a true hourglass figure!

Our guide is made up of three sections.

 1) Do Waist Trainer’s Work, proper use and working out.

 2) Waist Trainer diet and building better posture.

 3) How to Get and Keep Waist Trainer results.


What is a waist trainer corset?

It is a piece of clothing worn around the waist. It is worn on top of or under your clothing. It applies consistent pressure to your waist. This pressure helps you achieve many significant benefits.

1) Better health

2) Slimmer midsection

3) gets you that hourglass figure you have been searching for.



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Do Waist Trainers Work?

We get asked this all the time. The short answer is YES!

Our researched showed that waist trainers work well. Women who achieved the results they were looking often used waist training with moderate exercise an easy to follow a healthy diet. Many have reported that they achieved the hourglass figure they were targeting.  

Are Results the Same for Plus Size Waist Trainer Use?

Plus size women traditionally shy away from waist training because of bad information or fear of not finding a corset that fits.

This is crazy! Plus size women can get the same benefits and look great doing it! 

Worry that a corset won’t be big enough to cover your breasts?

Worry no more! Plus sized women with large breasts can get the same results with an under corset. An underbust corset works the same but stops below the breast line.

Plus size waist trainers are great for getting that extra bit of motivation, shaping your waist and having a gentle reminder to live healthily!


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How To Use a Corset

Corsets or waist trainers are easy to use. Once you have your corset, we suggest starting slow and working your way up to wearing it all day. 

Please review our size chart below to secure your best fit.


Most women think they have to wear a corset all day to get results. You don’t.  Start slow. Wear your corset two to three hours a day the first week. This will both acclimate you to wearing a corset and break it in.

After the first week of using a corset, increase the hours you wear your corset until you find you can wear it all day without discomfort.


To get waist-training results from your waist trainer corset you must  train.

Should you wear your corset while your training?

Long Answer: Training with a waist trainer can be difficult, but we recommended it. Your movement is somewhat restricted, but you should be able to achieve it.  Many women use the waist trainer while exercising so that they achieve an hourglass figure faster.

We also suggest taking moderately paced walks while wearing your corset but use it slowly and get used to it before you engage with intense workouts.  

If you are going to wear your corset while training is sure to start slowly and see how your body reacts before moving on to advanced exercises.


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Waist Training Diet:

The fastest path for you to get the hourglass figure you dream of is by using a mix of corset wearing, training, and a healthy diet.  We will soon launch a complementary service on our website for our customers.  This service will have exercise routines that will target your waist training.   You will have access to these exercise routines when you buy one of our premium waist trainers. 

How to Diet

Women and Men ask us all the time, ‘What kind of diet works best with waist training?’

The best diet for waist training is one you can stick with.

There are plenty of approaches out there from crazy celebrity diets, no carb diets, and chemical aided diets. All of these diets help you lose weight but sometimes it is impossible to stick with one.

Our KEY suggestion is to set a Healthy Diet schedule and add to it daily.

waist trainer results

By starting small and adding something easy every day, you transform your entire diet habit. Think of the path to your hourglass figure as a marathon.

By purposefully adding small wins into your day you make it easier to stay on a diet and keep from getting discouraged on a bad day.

Focus on either adding something healthy every day or subtracting something unhealthy.  At first, your results will seem slow. But after two weeks you will feel noticeably better. Not only that your posture will have transformed.


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Posture and Your Corset

Posture has become a major issue in everyday health. Sitting all the time has led to bad back posture, weak back muscles, and hard to fix aches and pains.

A premium waist trainer like ours will help you maintain the proper posture.

The waist trainer will transform your posture:

It will correct slumping and ultimately lead to a straighter stance.

Your back experiences a lot of stress and wears during the day. The corset will go a long way towards correcting unneeded wear and bad posture, which leads to headaches, tension, and tight muscles.


Better Posture With a Corset

Worried that fixing your posture will be difficult?

It won’t be. Your corset will correct your posture automatically.

This works because the corset’s design includes a robust infrastructure made of metal or bone. This infrastructure does the work for you.

As long as you keep your corset on you will remain upright all day.


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Waist Trainer Results: How to get and Keep Them

Do waist trainers work? Can you get and keep a slimmer figure in the hourglass shape?  If you do achieve that shape is it possible to keep it?

Women worry about these questions all the time.

Our experience shows that when women find the best corset for their body they can:

*Get an hourglass figure

*Maintain their shape

*And look beautiful wherever they go whether they use a plus size waist trainer, underbust, or overbust.


Getting the Hourglass Shape

waist trainer results

There are three keys that, when followed, lead to getting the hourglass shape.

1) Healthy Living:

Avoid crash dieting or pills. Your journey will take time. Don’t rush it. Enjoy the changes you’ll experience and don’t rush it.

2) Tighten Your Corset Slowly:

The biggest mistake women make going to tight to fast. Your body needs time to adapt to the corset. You should make slight adjustments every couple days. Constricting to much right away will lead to soreness, shortness of breath and giving up.

3) Training:

Women who got and keep their hourglass figures do so by adding training into their regimens. Training will keep the rest of your body strong, promote healthy living and make you feel better.

Training can be as simple as walking three times a week or as advanced as hiring a personal trainer. Train at the level you are comfortable training. Training at your level will ensure you won’t give up!

Pro-Tip: Focus on small wins. Most corset users get caught up in the amount of time they can wear a corset or how tight they can get it.

Don’t set unrealistic or painful goals. The path to the hourglass figure lies in celebrating the small wins.

Did you add a half hour to your daily wear? Congratulate yourself! Did you corset slide on a little easier, do you find your posture a little better, is your diet naturally getting better? Celebrate these things!


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Final Thoughts

Waist training is fun and effective for every woman. Whether you are looking to get better posture, an hourglass figure, or just see what the buzz is all about, we are sure you will love your corset.

Our guide is a great springboard for new and current customers. You can find detailed reviews and size guides in our store at   Shop.TheCorsetCenter.com 

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