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Why Waist Corsets Trainers Help Develop Figure

The problem Women run into while trying to shape their body is that traditional methods-used alone-aren’t enough. If you want to get the shape you crave and do it without:

*Dangerous Weight Loss Pills
*Fad Diets

*And Dangerous Workouts

You need to use awaist trainer.

Have you ever made ice using a mold or tray? The concept is simple. You pour water into the mold or tray and the ice takes on the shape it fills as it freezes.

Does that mean you can only make ice with a tray? No. You could pour the ice into a cup or on a plate and, if left long enough in the freezer, it would freeze. The problem is the shape of the ice wouldn’t be right.

The same is true for waist trainers. If you combine enough traditional weight loss methods your body will eventually take on a new shape. The problem is you can’t control:


* The shape your body will take
* Where you’ll lose the weight
* Or how your body will look after the weight loss

With traditional (IE-non waist trainers) methods your body will take the easiest shape it can. This can be a problem. If you want to get rid of a some excess around the middle or tighten up your arms and have a nice bust or you happen to like your butt you might not like the results.

Without a waist trainer your weight loss could happen from your butt or bust leaving you in a shape you don’t like with your problem spots still sagging. Waist trainers can help. If you want that timeless ‘Hourglass’ figure women long for you can get it by including a corset in your training.

How Waist Trainers Can Shape Your Body

waist trainer

Waist trainers help you shape your body as you desire. Waist trainers accomplish this by training your body in the shape you want it to work towards.

Remember our ice example above? Waist trainers accomplish the same idea but with a different impact. The ice took the shape it was poured into. The waist trainer, when combined with strength and mobility training, forms your muscles to help your body into its new shape. This is an important detail. The ice ‘settles’ into place, the waist trainer ‘shapes’.

That means that you not only get that beautiful hourglass figure your body also develops the strength to maintain that shape. Once you remove your waist trainer your body will retain it’s new shape as long as you continue to eat and train regularly.

How Long It Takes To See Results WIth Your Waist Trainer

One of the questions we get all the time from readers is this,

‘How long do I have to wear my waist trainer before I start seeing my hourglass figure?’

There is no easy answer. The reason for this is that every woman’s body is different as far as:

* Weight

* Height
* Shape
* Bust

What we can tell you is that, on average, you will start to see progress towards your results in a month. Some women see results earlier if they are already on a training program (see our video training program to get the best results in the fastest time) and eating healthy.

The one thing we can tell you is that you need to be consistent. Focusing on small gains every day will get you an hourglass shape quicker than:

*Crash dieting

*Over straining yourself with workouts

*And cinching your trainer as tight as you can

Getting Started

To help you get started on the path to getting the results you want we have put together the three best practices-based on user feedback-about how to use your waist trainer to get the hourglass figure you want.

Three Tips To Using Your Waist Trainer

1)Use The Waist Trainer Consistently

A lot of first time users shared this experience. They said that they were excited for their waist trainer and wore it like they were supposed to. After the first week the novelty wore off and since they weren’t seeing any results they put it in the back of the closet.

This isn’t how a waist trainer works. Shaping your body takes time. Your body got it’s current shape over the course of many years. It will take a little bit of time to re-shape your body’s position. To ensure that your results come faster-and that you get the shape you want-you have to wear your waist trainer consistently.

Note:Every waist trainer we promote comes with instructions on proper care and use. We also have support articles on the site so if you have any questions about your waist trainer be sure to check out our response.


2)Don’t Cinch Your Waist Trainer To Tight Right Away

Waist trainers take time to adjust to. That’s why we counsel new users to start off with a light cinch and work your way up.

Tightening your waist trainer as much as possible will not accelerate results. With that in mind it is better to gradually tighten your trainer as you become used to it. A lot of first time users tighten the corset to much and quickly lose interest as the discomfort rises.

If you want to remain comfortable, get the results you want, and enjoy your corset you need to tighten it gradually as you get used to it.


3)Don’t Wear It Sleeping But Wear It Working Out

Wearing your waist trainer consistently is important, so are the breaks you give your body from it. We advise you to remove the corset while sleeping or napping. Your body does need a break from the corset. Not only that sometimes you body swells while you rest so you don’t want to wake up to being pinched!

You can wear your corset while you work out. In fact it can help with your posture and strengthen certain areas of the back. We have a series of videos you can watch for corset specific exercises you can use to start shaping your body both with your corset and with your muscles. Check it out here.

Final Thought

Your waist trainer can help shape your body to the hourglass figure you want. If you are interested in learning more here are a few of our reader’s favorite links.

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