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Breaking in, or seasoning, your new steel boned corset will ensure a comfortable fit for the lifetime of your corset. A high-quality lace up corset will have steel boning that needs to be comfortably formed to your body before long-term waist training can begin.

Seasoning your new corset will help it naturally mold to your shape while also giving your body time to adjust to it.Skipping the breaking in process, or rushing it, will result in an uncomfortable, and ill-fitting corset.

Days 1-3: Breaking in Your Corset

After unpackaging your new steel boned corset, you’ll notice that the steel boning is straight and rigid. With just a couple of weeks of properly breaking in a your corset, the steel boning will match the natural contours of your body, allowing for a cozy fit throughout the day.

The first thing you’ll do after opening your corset is tocompletely loosen the lacing on your new lace up corset. Put the corset on your waist, and buckle the front of the corset. Now, start to lace up the corset, ensuring that the corset issnug, but not tight.

Initially, it’s normal to notice a gap between the steel boned corset and your body at the top and the bottom of the corset.Once correctly broken in, these gaps will no longer exist.After 45-60 minutes of wearing the corset tie the corset laces a little tighter.Continue to wear for about two hours total a day for the first three days.

Helpful Hint: It will be more comfortable to wear something between the corset and your body when breaking in your new corset.

Days 4-7: Steel Boned Corset Training

By the fourth day, the gaps between the corset and your body will become much smaller. You’ll also notice that you’re able to cinch your lace-up corset tighter than on the first few days. Your corset should fit much better by this time, and you’ll be able to wear it comfortably for longer periods of time.

As long as you’re comfortable, this is a good time to extend the amount of time you spend wearing the corset.Increase the time you wear your corset by 20-30 minutes each day. Your corset should still fit snuggly, but not super tight during this time.

Day 8-14: You’re Almost There

By day eight, you’ll probably feel okay wearing your steel boned corset for about 4-hours a day. The steel boning will be more conformed to your body with gaps significantly reduced. You’ll start to see the initial results of your waist training after a week or so.

You may be tempted to start cinching your lace-up corset tight, but it still needs more time to season if you want the best possible fit.Continue to increase your wear time by about 30-minutes a day, and each day try to cinch your corset just a little bit tighter without overdoing it.

Day 15: Waist Training

By now, you will probably be wearing your corset around 8-hours a day. The steel boning should be perfectly formed to your body, and there shouldn’t be any noticeable gaps between the corset and your body. You should now have a perfectly seasoned corset that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long.

You’re Now Ready to Use Your Steel Boned Corset for Waist Training

A high-quality steel boned corset will last a lifetime when cared for properly. The best lace up corsets conform perfectly to your body and allow for easy waist training. Now that your new corset is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day, you’ll be able to chinch it further and further as you’re ready. But remember, it’s important not to push yourself (or your corset) too hard too soon.

Happy waist training!

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